50 Easy Exercises to get your toddler talking

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Compiled by an experienced Speech and Language Pathologist, these fifty easy exercises to get your toddler talking are designed with one aim: to get your toddler using words! Whether you want to help them to say their first words or to give their language a boost, these exercises are just what you need.
Exercises are a great way to teach language and to get your toddler talking. When you do exercises that are fun and motivating for your child, you create a rich language environment where your child is interested and engaged. The exercises provide a focus for you to teach your child new skills, and gives them a space to practice.
With a huge amount of exercises, you can easily pick and choose the ones that work best for you, your child and your family. These exercises are designed so that you can easily adjust the level to the level of your child.
If your toddler is already talking, these exercises will grow and develop their language skills. Above all, these exercises are designed to be fun! That’s how children learn and communicate best! Grab your copy and get your toddler talking!

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