Gender Affirming Voice and Communication Therapy

Do you want to develop an authentic voice that feels right for you?

Do you have concerns about concerns about being gendered correctly by others when communicating with them? Or do you have other goals or objectives to modify your speech in general or in particular contexts?

I am proud to offer gender affirmative voice and communication therapy for transsexual/ transgender individuals in person or via teletherapy.

I will provide you with tools and exercises to aid you in voice modification so that you communicate in a way that feels authentic to you, as well as support you to navigate expectations and societal norms around voice and communication, and your personal experiences with your voice, as well as addressing potential challenges and mental barriers.

Participation in Voice Therapy will begin with an initial assessment involving a case history, medical history, and assessment of current voice, language and communication. Your personal voice goals will also be established at this point. Follow up sessions are individualised and aimed at helping you to learn the specific techniques needed to achieve your goals.

This will involve:

  • Vocal health and hygiene
  • Voice modification (pitch range, intonation, quality)
  • Intensity
  • Speech/ Articulatory precision
  • Language
  • Vocabulary
  • Non-verbal communication (conversational style, social skills, body language, gesture and facial expression)
  • Conversational content
  • Flow phonation
  • Resonant Voice Therapy

Group sessions may also be available.
This will involve:

  • Opportunities to practice so new skills become automatic
  • A platform to practice social skills
  • Practice in various speaking situations
  • Peer support and feedback


belfast speech and language

Vocalise SLT is based in Northern Ireland and provides Transexual / Transgender Voice and Communication Therapy both in person and virtually. 


Teletherapy is provided virtually, and is a flexible way of engaging with therapy. As in face to face therapy, activities are goal-driven and client-centred.

£80 for a one hour session
£40 for a 30 minute session

In-Person Therapy:
Therapy is client-centred and tailored to the individual. Goals from therapy are agreed together. Please note that I am based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


£75 for a one hour session
£40 for a 30 minute session

Email: for availability and booking