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Are you struggling to think of a good venue for your child’s birthday? Do you do the same thing each year and want some cool ideas for your child’s birthday party that are actually unique? This list of more than 50 ideas for kids’ party places has you covered!

Whether you prefer something active and outdoors or cozy and indoors, you’ll be sure to find great ideas for party places to suit your kids, whatever they love to do.



kids party places


Stay at home- Host a party at home with this awesome guide from Mom of 6. Having a birthday party at home doesn’t have to be boring!

Ice skating– hit the ice for a fun birthday venue.

Bowling– this is a classic indoor party place idea for kids.

Cinema– If it’s a wet day take advantage of the cinema as one of the most hassle-free party places for kids (once you’ve got everyone into their seats, that is!)

Escape Room– If your town has an escape room then this is a must-try venue for a kids’ birthday party.

Mini golf– Mini golf is another classic party idea that has stood the test of time.

Aquarium– Having a birthday party at an aquarium is sure to be a hit. If you have one locally, be sure to use it for birthdays! Lots of places even provide a room if you want to bring along lemonade and party food for the end.

Kids’ Museum– Listing a museum as a venue for a kids’ birthday party doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds. Lots of museums have exhibitions and events just for kids. Look into yours and see what’s happening.

Indoor playground– Do you have an indoor playground in your local area? This can be as exciting as Disneyland for kids, making it an idea birthday party venue.

Waterpark– Your local waterpark is a brilliant place for an exciting birthday party.

Swimming Pool– If you don’t have a waterpark, the local pool is still great fun with friends for a kids’ birthday party venue.

Leisure Centre- this one is perfect if your kids are a little older. Leisure centres have more going on than you might think- from courts to hire to organized play sessions (e.g. bouncy castles), this could be one of the most under utilized party places for kids.

Factory Visit- Lots of factories offer tours, so whether it’s sweets, crisps or something different, a nearby factory could be a unique birthday party venue.

Pantomime– This birthday party place idea for kids is especially great for a birthday celebration that falls in winter.

High Tea– book a High Tea with a restaurant or hotel for the ultimate fancy birthday party venue for kids.


kids party places


Beach– If you’re lucky enough to have a dry day, the beach is an incredible birthday location for kids. They’ll have so much to amuse themselves. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks!

Local farm– many local farms are open for visitors. Why not check your local? Spring time is the best time to go to see lots of adorable baby animals!

Play park– It’s easy to under-estimate the local play park. However, it might be all you need for your child’s best every birthday party.

Animal shelter- Lots of animal shelters welcome visitors who will play and interact with the animals. Check with your local shelter if this is something they are open to. This is one of the best party places for kids who love animals.

Outdoor treasure hunt– make your child’s birthday party memorable and plan an outdoor treasure hunt (The Spruce). Your child will be talking about this one for years to come!

Maze– A maze is a unique location for a birthday party.

Zoo– The zoo is an amazing venue for kids’ birthday parties. It’s full of exciting animals and you can also check out the café and gift shop. If you have a large group, you might even be able to get a guided tour.

Nature Centre- Nature centres are often overlooked as places for kids birthday parties, but they offer a lot! You can usually get a tour- your child and their friends will love learning about creatures in their local area.

Fruit picking– If this is something that’s available where you live, then you should definitely consider an orchard as a venue for your child’s birthday party. Whether it’s strawberries or apples, let your child and their friends enjoy picking the fruit. To round off the event, why not make the fruit into a smoothie or dessert for everyone to enjoy.


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If your child loves to learn, why not book in a session for your child and their friends to learn something new. Whether they’d love to learn a dance routine, a new sport, or make a craft to take away, it’s sure to be a lot of fun. Remember to bring the birthday cake to the venue to make it a perfect place for your kid’s party this year.

If there isn’t a specific venue for these, it might still be possible to rent a hall and hire a teacher that will give a session for a birthday party. If your child has a particular interest or is passionate about something, then they will love having this as their birthday theme and learning more about it.

Some sessions that might be available in your area include:

  • Craft
  • Pottery
  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Face painting
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • DJ
  • Circus skills
  • Drama/ Improvisation
  • Balloon Animals
  • Creative writing/ poetry
  • Astrology
  • Languages
  • Programming
  • Video making
  • Photography
  • Karate/ Martial arts
  • Yoga

And that’s it!

I hope this post gave you some new ideas for kids’ party places. If you liked this post, please share- it’s always very much appreciated.

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