Speech and Language Therapy Workshops

speech and language training

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month!

If you want to gain confidence in supporting the speech and language needs of your child, then this training is for you.

Children with autism can find it more difficult to communicate with and relate to others. This workshop will help you to better understand how these difficulties may present and how you can best support your child with autism to communicate effectively.

This workshop will present a range of activities, strategies and resources to support you to communicate with your child- don’t miss out!

speech and language workshop

7th September, 2022

If you want to grow your confidence in supporting your toddler’s speech and language, then grab your spot in this training! It’s full of practical ideas and activities to get your toddler talking, and with free resources provided on the day, you won’t want to miss out.

Above all, language development is supposed to be fun- that’s how children learn and communicate best!

Book your place and get your toddler talking!

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