7 Surprising Benefits of Reading to Your Toddler

Surprising Benefits of Reading to Toddlers. While alphabet and school readiness are important, reading offers much more. Explore 7 unexpected ways it boosts your toddler's development.

Beyond the ABCs

Understanding Your Thoughts and Others'. It's crucial for building relationships and starts developing in childhood. Reading to your toddler is a great way to enhance this understanding. Books reveal character thoughts and feelings, making the unspoken clear.

Building Theory of Mind

Books provide a roadmap to understanding complex friendships. They teach problem-solving, importance, boundaries, and being a good friend. Jacqueline Wilson explores peer pressure in girls' friendships, preparing children for the complexities of growing up.

Tools for Making Friends

Repeated readings teach problem-solving and predicting. Even simple tales like 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' have surprises. Rehearsing predictions helps develop vital life skills - academically and socially.

Developing Problem-Solving Skills

Reading Helps Build Emotional Skills. Toddlers struggle with complex emotions and expressing them. Reading develops their emotional vocabulary by naming feelings in stories.


Reading Expands Vocabulary. Books introduce new words beyond daily conversation. Use reading to teach, not test. Explore pictures, follow their interests, and label objects, actions, and descriptions. Kids soak up new language when engaged, so make the most of this time.


Strong language skills impact all areas of learning, not just literacy. Math, science, PE, and more rely on vocabulary. Reading builds language, giving children an advantage in every aspect of school, from the classroom to the playground.

A Gateway to School Success