10 Exciting Home Activities for Kids: Keep Them Busy and Happy

Join Joe's Body Coach PE Classes on YouTube! Fun workouts for kids at home, no equipment needed. Get moving, feel energized, and join the community of active families!

Online P.E. Class

Scholastic Learn At Home offers free daily lessons by grade. Explore engaging topics like nature, music, and robotics. Registration is required. Other valuable online education tools include Switchzoo, Turtlediary, Khan Academy, BrainPop, and Kids Learning Tube.

Use Online Teaching Tools

Teach kids computer programming with Tynker, an engaging online tool for ages 5 and up. Choose from three age groups, offering interactive and captivating learning experiences.

Learn Computer Programming

Discover art with Art for Kids Hub, a family YouTube channel offering fun and colorful drawing lessons suitable for all ages.

Learn to Draw Online

Encourage imagination by letting your child create a cool fort in a room. They can use bed-sheets, pegs, pillowcases, blankets, and pillows. Add flashlights for a magical touch, and ensure safety by avoiding candles.

Build a Fort

Create a fun indoor hunt for kids without extensive preparation. Make a list of items based on textures, colors, sounds, or functions for them to find and reward their success!

Object Hunt

Turn your home into a basketball haven with this indoor game – a dream toy for kids. With limited outdoor options, investing in this sports toy can be a great way to keep them active.

Indoor Basketball Game

Boost your child's skills and independence by teaching them to cook. Start with a weekly cooking session, enhancing attention, language, and motor skills, making it a top home activity for kids.

Cook a Meal

Foster creativity with role-play games at home like shopkeeping, school, or doctors. Join in, plan the game, assign roles, teach social skills, and introduce challenges for problem-solving.

Set Up Role Plays

Make the most of indoor time to help your child learn a new skill. The internet offers endless resources for learning almost anything you can imagine.

Learn a New Skill