Does your child need support with learning new words?

It's amazing when your child starts adding words to their vocabulary... but sometimes they need a boost!

if you...

Are unsure if your child’s language is on track

Want to UPSKILL as a parent or professional, and learn how YOU can support your child’s language

Would love an INTERACTIVEFUN AND PARENT-LED resource that’s all about your child’s speech and language with a focus on DEVELOPING VOCABULARY

Want something that is INSTANTLY AVAILABLE  and that you can use on YOUR TERMS


what's in the program?

Session 1  | Categories
Learning new vocabulary by categories allows for better comprehension and retention of new words

Session 2 | Word Webs 
Word Webs help children break down a new word, understand what it means and more easily expand their vocabulary

Session 3 | Topic Based Vocab
Topic Based Vocab expands the use of naming words (nouns), doing words (verbs) and describing words (adjectives) using everyday topics such as lego, baking, special occasions, common places and much more. 

Session 4 | Vocab Chain Game
The Vocab Chain Game is a fun way to the vocab around parts of a sentence (this is also a great group activity).

Session 5 | Synonyms
This session will help your child to brainstorm and learn a variety of synonyms fora range of commonly used words. 



This price includes:

– Complete access to the program that’s packed full of pictures and activities designed to engage your child (more than 160 slides!)

– A live link so you will receive updates instantly

– A ready to go program that can be used interactively on any device from anywhere 

– The option to print and use if this works better- it’s your choice!


Did you know…

The current average cost of speech therapy in the US ranges from $100 to $250 per session, in the UK it’s around £80 per hour 

With a cost of just $90 for six sessions, the First Words Program works out at just $15 per session