first words

Are you worried about your child's first words?

Hearing your child's first words is an exciting time for parents- but it can get stressful fast when they're a little later than expected...

if you...

Are unsure if your child’s language is on track

Want to UPSKILL as a parent or professional, and learn how YOU can support your child’s language

Would like an INTERACTIVEFUN and PARENT-LED resource that’s all about your child’s speech and language with a focus on FIRST WORDS

Want something that is INSTANTLY AVAILABLE  and that you can use on YOUR TERMS


what's in the program?

Session 1  | Fun With Sounds
Explore motivating sounds to help your child to have fun with sounds

Session 2 | Animal Adventures 
This session is all about animal sounds, as these are often used before real words. Enjoy this fun animal adventure!

Session 3 | Ten Early Words
Enjoy exploring these ten early words that have been handpicked for speech and language growth.  

Session 4 | First Verbs
This session is all about ‘doing words’: verbs. Learn and practise early verbs that will be motivating for your child. 

Session 5 | First Nouns
This session focuses on ‘naming words’: nouns. These are some of the first nouns that will be fun for your child to learn. 

Session 6 | First Words Out in the World
Explore games and strategies for learning first words when out in the real world!



This price includes:

– Complete access to the program that’s packed full of interactive videos and pictures designed to engage your child

– A live link so you will receive updates instantly

– A ready to go program that can be used interactively on any device from anywhere 

– The option to print and use if this works better- it’s your choice


Did you know…

The current average cost of speech therapy in the US ranges from $100 to $250 per session, in the UK it’s around £80 per hour 

With a cost of just $90 for six sessions, the First Words Program works out at just $15 per session