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If your child is having difficulty pronouncing sounds, we've got you covered!

Whether your child has Speech Sound Delay, Disorder, or simply immature speech, you'll find the tools and resources you need.

It can confusing and alarming for parents when their child has difficulties with their speech. This can range from mild speech difficulties when they miss a few sounds, or it can be severe, making them difficult to understand and causing a lot of frustration and anxiety- for everyone involved! Whichever is the case, there’s a huge amount that parents can do to help- this guide is everything you need to know to help your child speak clearly. I hope it’s helpful for you!

Speech Sound Resources

Explore the range of articulation resources: ready to go packs that will make working on speech sounds easy and enjoyable.
The speech activities are zero-prep and contain pictures and games for the early. middle and late developing sounds.
Activities are provided to support speech sounds at the beginning, in the middle and at the ends of words (initial, medial and final positions), as well as using the sound in phrases.
Each pack contains a range of games so working on speech is motivating and fun.

Assessing speech doesn’t have to be complicated. This accessible and quick speech screener for children will give you an overview of a child’s articulation so you can instantly see if their speech is age-appropriate and set goals as needed. This speech screen is designed for teachers and parents. It’s easy to use and is laid out so you can see the results instantly.

Includes additional Blends Screen!

Specially created so you can better support speech development in the classroom and at home.

supporting speech in the classroom

Have you noticed that there are children in your classroom who have difficulty with speech sounds? Supporting speech in the classroom is difficult, especially when teachers have a million things to do.

This little book is bursting with ideas for how to support speech in everyday classroom life, looking especially at key areas such as Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics and Creativity. It also looks at what’s developmentally appropriate in speech, and tips for when you just can’t understand!

Easy to read and reference, these strategies will let you feel in control of supporting speech development in your classroom this term.

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